CircuitWiki options

This PAK-Launch-Site has been provided so you can download a spreadsheet (or circuit files) containing the latest equation solutions to various circuits. Eventually these solutions will become part of an open source free public knowledge base, such as Wikipedia (or the like) and this site will no longer be needed.


If you have developed a new equation solution for a circuit then some options to make them publicly available are:

  1. Use a spreadsheet. The PAK spreadsheet format allows sharing of worksheets and you can use it as a template (delete any unwanted sheets but leaving the model library). You can independently distribute your spreadsheet or as for it to be added to the next release of the official PAK lineage (or do both).
  2. Use LTspice embedded equations if you are familiar with this simulator. Providing both LTspice embedded equations and a spreadsheet covers a wider field.
  3. Set up your own site and distribute your solutions (a bit like this one). You can put a URL links on this launch site to your site as a Forum comment or in Links (by a request through Contact).
  4. Set up a free 'wiki' site dedicated to circuit analysis equation solutions, add your solutions and invite others to contribute.
  5. Add your solution to Wikipedia or something similar, maybe under circuit analysis, large signal nonlinear solutions.

If you have any other ideas please let me know. Back to FAQ's.