LACAv8 Cube-law amplifier BoM, Addendum & Supplement downloads

NEW Updated Supplement 2+ March 2017 -- The Supplement contains extra material and technical details for Cube-law amps.
One new nifty idea is "Thermal SOA" which now allows ONE pair of MOSFET's (was two pair) for 100W and no need for the fuse in the speaker line.
Another development is the "BiModal amp". It is a simplified Cube-law amp. You can build it with a low cost Bipolar output stage rather than lateral MOSFET's - called a "CSD amp" - CSD stands for Current Source Driven power transistors -- a novel type of low bias current Class-AB. The CSD amp was described in Linear Audio Vol.13.

Adobe Acrobat Document 1.2 MB

The BoM spreadsheet is now here

Latest Addendum document covers the "BiModal amp" and is now here. Earlier addendum's are still available at this link.

Unfortunately, the LTspice simulation files for the Supplement Figure 2.2 modifications cannot be posted at this site due to Jimdo restrictions on certain file types for my free site. Either try this G-drive link or E mail me using Contact and I'll email you a Zip file.

Other download files like Simulation User Guide and LTspice circuit files and technical articles are in LACAv8 on this site.