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Files on the Linear Audio Cube-law amp in Linear Audio Vol.8 are in LACAv8.

All the latest mod's to the Cube amp are here on MyGdrive. 


This site is mainly for PAK Downloads.


My 'PAK' project is an Open Source project for solving circuit equations for various audio power amplifiers. Until the year 2000 this was not possible for transistor amplifiers, not even for the simplest of BJT circuits for that matter. We had to use circuit simulators.


But now, thanks to Robert Banwell, the CE amplifier has been solved (see IEEE paper in T.CAS November 2000). It is based on the Diode+Resistor solution (which can be viewed in Wikipedia).


The PAK (Power Amplifier Kalkulator) User Guide has more power amplifier and diode circuit solutions. See PAK Downloads.


Unfortunately, very few analog designers know about this new approach. 


This PAK Project has been launched to get the ball rolling to get more circuit equation solutions online and in textbooks.


Anyone is invited to add new solutions to this collection. Use the Contact section for emailing me.


PAK is Open Source and not for profit.


Check the Forum section for News and Updates.



Ian Hegglun


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